The Raw Milk

with the milk of horned cows

In winter, the milk is delivered to the cheese dairy in the village of Les Moulins to be processed into organic Gruyère cheese.

Part of the milk is sold to customers directly through a self-service unpasteurized milk dispenser, located in front of the wholefood shop.

In addition to its delicious taste, unpasteurized milk has several health benefits.

It stimulates natural immunity and is easier to digest because it has retained its nutrients that are usually lost in the pasteurisation process.

Many customers come to fill up their bottles and, in that way, discover the real taste of milk straight from the cow's udder (on request you can ask for a visit of the farm).

Le remplissage du pot à lait au distributeur automatique

Nicolas Mottier

Our unpasteurized milk will make you discover the flavours of the seasons.

Self-service raw milk dispenser IN Château-d'Œx

located in front of the organic shop

The milk in the vending machine is produced with great care on the farm.

The content is changed every day with the milk from the morning milking.

It has not undergone any treatment, so it will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator.


1.       Insert money, regardless of the amount 

2.       Place your container under the spout

3.      Press START to fill and STOP to stop it. 

4.       If necessary, change the container and repeat step 3

5.       Once the quantity of milk has been reached press CHANGE 

6.      Take change 

We advise you to take your container with you, it's more ecological!

Distributeur automatique de lait cru en libre-service à Château-d'Œx