Airbnb accommodations

Stay in the heart of the Pays-d’Enhaut

Are you looking for privileged accommodation in the Pays-d'Enhaut?

Two comfortable apartments, located in the centre of the village, in the same building as our organic shop in Château-d'Œx, can be rented.

You can find below the apartments on the Airbnb platform.

From 2024


About the project

At the moment, accommodations are available on Airbnb. In the future, there will be 22 hotel rooms in the Bovino building. Each room will have a theme: flowers, rare plants, Pro Specie Rara animals, ... all made from 100% natural materials such as wood, clay, lime, built without glue.

The rooms will be protected from radiation and there will be no Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi zone will be available in the hotel lobby. Apart from that, the Internet will be provided via cable only. Television will be available on request. The aim is to create an oasis of silence, peace, and serenity. The rooms will all have a balcony, a kind of mini garden with edible plants and shrubs. The balconies will be accessible from the respective room only. The doors can be completely opened so that the balcony and the room are connected with each other.

Approximately ten rooms will have an integrated private wellness area, either with a sauna or bathtub with balneotherapy and treatments with a wide range of plant species that are available to our guests. The remaining rooms will have a gallery to accommodate families with up to four children. The room prices will remain the same regardless of the number of guests. Ensuring the child-friendliness is one of our priorities. In addition, four rooms will be accessible to people with disabilities.

It will be possible to book rooms that are connected to each other.

When the cows are on the alp, there will be ten additional Bedouin tents in the barn and about thirty sleeping places in the straw.

There is a dormitory for guests attending courses or seminars for personal development.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Recharge in a harmonic environment that is in tune with nature 

  • Stimulate all five senses with playful and didactic activities

  • Affordable for every budget