Biodynamically produced meat with Demeter quality

Animals are looked after with love and passion. Their well-being is a primary concern as well as respecting them as full-fledged beings. They benefit from a natural environment and spaces adapted to their needs. The animals are raised according to Demeter specifications which guarantee high-quality meat.

If one of them is in poor health, it is quickly taken care of with natural homeopathic remedies, based on medicinal plants from the farm such as Spagyrics, Bach flowers, specific bandages, etc. Antibiotics are used in extreme emergencies only and hormones are strictly banned from the farm.

In the wholefood shop, the customer can find fresh or frozen meat from the farm.

There is beef, stew (about 10 months old), and veal. Throughout the year, a choice of pork and a range of cold cuts, dried meat, salamis, and sausages are offered.

Customers can also order fresh meat in mixed packs of 5 or 10 kg.

In the near future, we are planning to expand the range with chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. It is expected that the organic farm will be able to offer these varieties, as it used to be the case in the past.

The meat is prepared in the village by a butcher friend and sold in the organic shop.

Planche de viandes séchées

Our Charcuterie is free of Nitrite Salt.

Himalayan salt and red beetroot

We use Himalayan Salt as a preservative. It is known for its therapeutic properties and its pure and natural quality. Unlike white salt, which contains only sodium chloride, it is complete par excellence as it has retained all its minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron) as well as the 90 elements found on both the planet and in the human body. Of microscopic structure, it is directly assimilated by the organism without passing through the digestive tract.

Red beetroot, which contains valuable vitamins and nutrients, works in the same way. It is used to preserve the colour of the meat which tends to fade when getting in contact with the air.

Nicolas Mottier

Meat? Eat less but eat good meat!


Organic specialities

une planche avec un morceau de viande séchée
Organic Beef
une planche avec un morceau de salami boeuf
with pepper / garlic / paprika / galangal
une planche avec un morceau de jambon sec de porc
Organic Turopolje Pork
Jambon Pata Negra
Pata Negra