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Drapeaux suisses au brunch 1er Août 2019
1st August Brunch
As part of the national holiday, we organize an organic brunch on the alp.
Descent from the Alps
At the beginning of October, the « Züglete » (our cows) leaves the alp.


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10th edition of the 1st August Brunch

This year, we had the pleasure to organize again the 1st August Brunch on our alp at the Pâquier-Mottier.


We also organise private brunches for birthdays or other occasions on request.

From 2024


About the project

The new infrastructure will make it possible to use large areas, such as the stable or the underground car park in summer, for events. Pro Specie Rara seedling markets, fairs, Christmas markets, ... can be organised.

There will be concerts taking place at the large hall, in the gardens, and on the terraces. In winter, musical, cultural, or artistic events will be organized in the gardens and outside.

All these places can be transformed according to your wishes.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of large associations that have a positive effect on our environment.

  • Provide access to a large network of partners who share their knowledge.



17 Objectifs de Développement Durable ONU

Project: Events

Events & Sustainable Development Goals

The intention of the current project is to participate in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals…