The Restaurant

A seasonal, regional and holistic approach to nutrition

Our restaurant will offer a seasonal, regional, and holistic approach to nutrition which contributes to the preservation of health.

Our culinary specialities will be made from medicinal plants and ancient vegetables.

The wood and gas needed for the preparation of the dishes will be provided directly by our farm.

From 2026


About the project

The restaurant will be located directly above the stable. Through the windows, you can watch the animals. The aim is that people pay more attention to the animals and to work on the farm. The restaurant will have several niches to allow mothers to breastfeed in peace and quiet or to provide a place of retreat for those who need it. There will be quiet zones with beds and curtains which allow children or adults to take a nap after having had their meal. There will also be a closed indoor playground so that children can play while their parents are still in the restaurant.

The restaurant itself will be very spacious. There will be high chairs and small parks where children can relax. The aim is to create a cosy atmosphere that makes families feel at home.

The capacity of the restaurant will be 80 indoor and 50 outdoor places.

In summer, when the cows are on the alp, the main square of the barn can be used as an eating area as well. The place will be very green and some guests will certainly enjoy eating there, especially those who have rented a tent.

The restaurant will be very innovative and will offer a plate service so that guests can feel at home. At the same time, this will also be an opportunity to meet people. The design of the taps in the kitchen will have unique geometric shapes and there will be many more attractions waiting to be discovered! This is why the dishwashing can be done by the guests themselves if they wish. We would like to give our guests the opportunity to get in touch with each other and to communicate in an easy-going environment. The aim is to create an opposite pole to what is currently found in public places: being open for exchange and not dedicating all your attention to your mobile phone.

The restaurant will offer three menus a day, including a vegetarian option. To complete the offer, there will be also a small menu with more basic and simple dishes. The food will come from permaculture, the farm, or the region.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Balanced, local and organic certified diet

  • Discover original and new tastes 

  • Reasonable prices

  • Neither waste nor losses! Everything will be recycled - energy as well as food.