The Natural Remedies

Nature offers a variety of possibilities to support us in our health process.
In our bio-ecological gardens, we produce many natural remedies, fruits, and vegetables which have a beneficial effect on health.

Esther Mottier

Nature offers a variety of ways which help and support us in case of physical, mental or emotional imbalance.

From 2026


About the project

In the autodidactic garden, a variety of medicinal plants will be grown according to the organ clock, which will enable the development of the gemmotherapy, oil and alcohol macerations, herbal teas and a whole range of products for naturopathy.

There will also be a rose collection. The rose is the basis of all medicinal plants/flowers and is in its frequency similar to amniotic fluid.

Therefore, it is the most basic substance that our cells absorb during our time on earth. Currently, the rose remains unrecognised, however, it will become the flagship plant of the project. All plants will be available for therapies and can also be purchased in the wholefood shop. Furthermore, it will be possible to produce a mixture for people needing it for their health.

A small laboratory for the development of all these products is planned in the new building.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Access to personal regional natural remedies (maceration, tea, etc.)

  • Discover the simplicity of treatment and self-healing

  • Publicising the health benefits of fruit and vegetables