The School on the Farm

Education for sustainable development

The farm is similar to a laboratory, a place with many activities. It offers an excellent learning environment that we want to make accessible for children.

The idea is to offer children a place which allows them to discover agriculture and to participate in various farming activities.

From 2026


About the project

The new farm will include a room with a glass front, which is designed for the school on the farm. This place will make it possible to bring children together and if necessary, to give instructions and explanations. They can also leave their personal belongings there.

Afterwards, it is time to set off to discover life on a farm, the barn, the animals, and of course the gardens and the surrounding area. Thanks to the infrastructure, the children will feel well looked after!



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Sensitize the young generation for ecology and to create the foundations for a sustainable society

  • Give children more responsibility in their daily activities

  • Link theoretical knowledge with practice