The Beauty

A holistic approach

Within the framework of Votre Cercle de Vie, a beautician offers treatments based on a holistic approach.

She establishes relationships between the body and the soul and activates a person's potential to promote their well-being.

The skin constitutes the biggest surface for the communication between the interior and the exterior - it thus deserves particular attention. 

Natural esthetician

Discover the natural beauty

Sonja Gerber enjoys touching people's hearts with her treatments. She wants every woman to feel gentleness, warmth, well-being, and happiness. Every person is unique and valuable which is why it is important to give your body the best.

Natural cosmetics convey a feeling of beauty and thus awaken all our senses.

Sonja considers natural cosmetics and make-up as emotional support, as they give us a feeling of strength, beauty, and self-confidence, which provides us with the necessary courage to overcome obstacles and make life even more beautiful. 

Tip: Recharge, relax, and let yourself be pampered!

Treatments offered

  • Facial treatment "Petit Rose" (1 h)   120.- CHF

  • Facial treatment "Grande Rose" (1,5 h)   180.- CHF

  • Face cleansing for stressed skin 120.- CHF / hour 

  • Sugaring for women 100.- CHF / hour 

  • Make-up consultation: « la beauté en nous »  100.- CHF / hour 

  • Manicure (1 h)   120.- CHF

  • Pedicure (1 h)   120.- CHF

By arrangement:  +41 79 723 33 47

Sonja Gerber

Natural cosmetics and make-up are support for our soul. 

From 2026


About the project

The beauty sector will be expanded with the addition of a natural hairdresser to our team.

Beauty care can support people's health as the skin is a very important organ and is the recipient of a lot of information. Furthermore, it has great psychological and physical influence, depending on whether you feel comfortable in your skin or not.

The new building will accommodate a beauty clinic. Taking a holistic approach, the natural beautician and the hairdresser will use natural products, mainly freshly prepared and adapted to the needs of their clients.

The clinic will be located in the Planto building. Thanks to the use of natural materials it will remind you of an oasis of well-being and health. Beauty treatments are offered to both local clients and to our hotel guests.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Approach the term “beauty“ from a different perspective

  • Decrease pollution which is caused by chemical cosmetics

  • Reduce risks in connection with hormone disorders

  • Rely on natural beauty experts