The Natural Wellness

Natural well-being

This oasis of relaxation with autonomous heat the generation will be built using only natural materials.

You will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of water and warmth and discover the Kneipp Path, which is also suitable for children.

From 2026


About the project

The sector “Natural Wellness” can take different forms.

The private part of the hotel sector: certain rooms will have their own wellness facilities.

Saunas are available for rent. They include a large bathtub that allows balneotherapeutic treatments to be carried out. The saunas can be rented for one or two hours by one or two people.

Groups will have the possibility to book the two individual areas: a hammam, a sauna, two baths, and a large quiet zone promises pure relaxation.

There will be a second wellness area in one part of the greenhouse, which is located above the feed store, directly underneath the roof of the Bovino building. It will be equipped with a saltwater bath, a sauna, and quiet zones, located behind windows with an open view of the sky. The tropical climate and the surrounding variety of plants promise a unique experience!

The baths are heated up to 32 degrees. At the same time, the greenhouse prevents the water from cooling down too quickly.

The idea is to create a sustainable wellness centre and to produce all the energy on-site, on the farm.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Relaxation for the whole family

  • Nearby resource