courses and trainings

It is ideal to carry out or to attend a training course in a relaxing and sustainable surrounding.

The courses are held by people who wish to share their knowledge which is compatible with our values and a holistic ideology.

Seminar rooms, a restaurant, and hotel rooms will be available.

Rental of training facilities

One room is currently available

The art gallery Espace Durable can be rented for workshops, conferences, meetings, group activities, and art exhibitions.

Half-day, full-day or hourly rentals, including weekends.

Capacity: 50 people

Size: 70 m2

Comments: the art gallery is located on the 1st floor and is not accessible by elevator.

At your disposal: screen, projector, tables, chairs, etc

Rental conditions: the rental conditions of the art gallery depend on the type of event.

Please contact us regarding conditions, availability, and rental prices:

Galerie d'art Espace Durable - exposition Willy Läng et Pénélope
From 2026

Training SECTOR Overview

About the project

In the Planto building, there will be a special course room with a kitchen, a quiet zone, and dormitories. It is designed for groups that will be attending courses that last for several days. The outdoor facilities will be available and if the weather allows it, seminars could be held outside.

Infrastructure such as the Kneipp path and therapy rooms can be used for massage courses. Production areas and laboratories can be booked for internships. An outdoor kitchen, which is located in a pavilion, is also available for workshops.

In addition, there will be rooms in various activity areas that can be rented for further training.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Favorable conditions and a relaxing surrounding which supports the learning process.

  • Services and accommodation are adapted to the budget and needs.

  • Areas intended for putting theory into practice (observation of medicinal plants, exchange in the health sector).