We all can act

All forms of commitment to Votre Cercle de Vie are important. Be it through a donation, an investment, volunteer work, or a partnership - any participation is welcome!


Private donations are essential for the realization of this innovative project. 

Votre Cercle de Vie is at your disposal to discuss how you can best support us and our project.


Bank details of the Esprit Ensemble foundation

Bank transfer

Bank : SB Saanen Bank AG, Bahnhofstrasse 2, CH-3792 Saanen

Beneficiary : Fondation Esprit Ensemble, 1660 Château-d'Œx

IBAN : CH77 0634 2725 0706 7751 7



This pioneering project:

  • Demonstrates that change is possible here and now;

  • Acts as a laboratory across numerous multi and interdisciplinary axes for social innovation and circular economy;

  • Highlights the richness and impact of biodiversity on the health of the planet and its interconnection with the health of our human society;

  • Encourages private individuals, businesses, institutions, and academia to contribute together, concretely and now, to a more sustainable world;

  • Offers another model for raising awareness about current environmental and societal challenges by transforming perceived emergencies as obstacles into opportunities to redefine established values and paradigms;

  • Generates joy and enthusiasm towards a possible change through constructive solutions in which everyone can identify and apply them in daily life;

  • Has become a source of inspiration for many individuals and thus mobilizes the forces within everyone to make a difference.

If you are interested, you can get in touch via


Discover possibilities to volunteer with Votre Cercle de Vie all year round: at the Espace Durable, on the farm, in the bio-ecological garden or during events.


Let your friends discover the project Votre Cercle de Vie.