The Second-Hand

Espace Durable

The aim of second-hand is to give objects, furniture, and clothes a second chance to be recycled, modified, and improved.

In doing so, we contribute to the preservation of primary material.

The Espace Durable

Since 2018

In 2018, the Espace Durable was opened. It consists of a second-hand shop and an art gallery.

The entire earning will be donated to the project of Votre Cercle de Vie.

The art gallery offers local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works for two months.

The space is also available for yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, guitar, ... classes.

This place is a great example of the generosity of all those who offer their time or material in order to create a sustainable future.

Meubles à vendre dans l'espace durable - salle de séjour

Items Available at Espace Durable

Various second-hand goods

Adults clothes
Children's & baby clothing
Furniture & Books

Esther Mottier

Purchasing second-hand products gives them a new life and reduces your ecological footprint. 

From 2026


About the project

Most of the furniture in the restaurant and hotel will be second-hand and may be offered for sale. If someone likes an object or a piece of furniture, they can thus buy it.

A workshop is planned where objects will be renovated and recycled. The aim is to give objects a second life and to increase society's awareness of waste.

The planned wholefood shop (will be moved to the Planto building) will also be furnished with second-hand furniture.

In order to make the place come alive it will be accessible to the public and there will be workshops and meetings.

Upcycling (recycling) will be another part of the project. Objects will be given a different use. For example, old beds that no longer correspond to the average size of a person can be turned into a sofa or a bench. 



for the region, the community and the individual

  • Access to original and unique pieces

  • Never-ending discoveries in an ever-changing environment 

  • Source of inspiration and creativity

  • Increasing awareness for waste and excessive consumption