• Nature and jobs:

The aim is to create 58 highly versatile jobs (equivalent to 36 full-time positions) by respecting the personality of each employee and by "job-sharing" (choice of percentage for each position). Each employee has the possibility to use the different spaces: recreation area, nature, childcare,...

There will be a varied range of jobs: agriculture, sales, hospitality, catering, care, gardening, social work, events, administration, etc...

  • Nature and business:

We offer companies the possibility of organising further trainings either in the great hall with all the required technology or in the outside areas where they can use the blackboards provided. At the same time, the companies can take advantage of various offers such as making a company cheese, taking part in milking,...- activities aimed for team building.    

  • Nature and traditions:

Traditions have always described nature because nature represents our roots.

The aim is to respect traditions and link them with our modern society.

The buildings' shape is in accordance with nature because its architecture is organic.

  • Nature and village :

The universe created is also available to local people by having access to the recreation area and the playgrounds, the different walks, a Kneipp trail to raise awareness of the 5 senses, ...

The various concepts such as biogas, green roofs, the cultivation of medicinal plants and biodynamic agriculture can be discovered by guided tours or in a self-guided way. 


  • Nature and generations:

It is all about the transmission of know-how by creating places for exchange, with interaction and symbiosis between different generations and social classes.

While doing so, nature creates a link with the whole.

  • Nature and children

Two haylofts with small animals allow children to get to know the rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc. 4-season playgrounds, walking paths as well as a "school on the farm"-room for small groups of pupils are available.

During the summer season, the stable is transformed into a "wonderland" play area and welcomes families to the indoor campsite and the hay dormitories.

  • Nature and encounters:

It is a place where people can feel closer to nature.

Guided or self-guided tours allow the discovery of ancient plant and animal varieties, biogas,...

Within the framework of events, meetings take place and allow exchanges and inspiration concerning different subjects: health, biodynamic agriculture, ecology, biodiversity, and culture...

Spaces, such as the main hall, the underground car park, the amphitheater, the gardens,... are available for parties or other events organised by local companies, businesses, or private groups.

  • Nature and nutrition

The farm's production is specialised in two axes.

The first axis, the animal sector, provides top quality dairy products and meat. The second axis, within the framework of the bio-ecological gardens, cultivates a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

The food is sold at the organic shop or processed in the holistic restaurant which is also part of the farm.

This very lively environment nourishes body, soul, and spirit.

  • Nature and health

The "Planto" building hosts practices that are specialised in naturopathy and health and use elements from nature in order to maintain or regain health.

A Kneipp path is available to awaken all five senses.

The organ wheel allows you to meditate, to find peace and quiet, and to discover the functioning of the human body and the effects of medicinal plants.

  • Nature and animals

Animals are at the heart of the project and their well-being is of great importance to us. Each animal will have its own environment. They belong to ancient endangered breeds "ProSpecieRara".

Apart from food production, animals are also important for nourishing the body, soul and spirit.

The bond and contact between people and animals is vital and beneficial for our health and well-being.

  • Nature and agriculture

It is a farm that works in a biodynamic way and in tune with the seasons and nature. Biodiversity is a key element and the creation of a space where human beings can connect with nature is the main goal.

All the food produced on this farm is labelled Demeter and often comes from ancient animals and plant varieties.

  • Nature and economy:

The aim is to create an infrastructure that allows the maximum use of resources on-site, such as vegetable and meat production, the transformation of farm waste into biogas, ... and not to densify the production. It is also a question of optimising the areas created while respecting the four-season approach, as with the amphitheater hosting outdoor concerts during the winter and transforming itself into a culture of medicinal plants during the summer, or the stable housing the cattle during the winter and the indoor camping and the playground during the summer.

Thanks to these symbioses, our practices can be optimised while respecting today's ecological challenges.

In parallel to the project, the collaboration between different local companies is a key element for the region's dynamics, and therefore local products and services are to be promoted.

  • Nature and energy

Nature provides us with all kind of energy – be it in the form of food (vegetable, meat), wood (fire making), as well as through the heat produced by animals, which can be used for heating.

Thus, the aim is to limit energy losses by working in symbiosis in different sectors (reduction of transport, multifunctional people, etc.).