The Seminars

Your seminar in the middle of the mountains

Venues will be offered for internal company training and seminars. 

The authentic environment on the farm, the proximity to nature and traditions and the peaceful atmosphere will allow guests to concentrate on the essential.

Only the best will be offered in order to encourage group reflection and thus contribute to the success of your training courses.  

Event Rentals

One room is currently available

The art gallery Espace Durable can be rented for workshops, conferences, meetings, group activities, and art exhibitions.

Half-day, full-day or hourly rentals, including weekends.

Capacity: 50 people

Size: 70 m2

Comments: the art gallery is located on the 1st floor and is not accessible by elevator.

At your disposal: screen, projector, tables, chairs, etc

Rental conditions: the rental conditions of the art gallery depend on the type of event.

Please contact us regarding conditions, availability, and rental prices:

Galerie d'art Espace Durable - exposition Willy Läng et Pénélope
From 2026


About the project

In addition to the space available in the Espace Durable, the construction of a large hall that accommodates up to 500 people is planned.

It can be used as a multipurpose hall for music and theatre events or for events organised by local societies. The hall will have a mobile stage that can be placed either on the side or in the centre. It can be divided into two smaller rooms for company seminars and smaller events.

We have company managers in mind who would like to use internal training as a tool for team development. Two groups can be accommodated at the same time. The entire infrastructure will be at the companies’ disposal and they can for example produce a “company cheese”, participate in milking, or in various other activities on the farm. It will also be possible to carry out health-related activities, such as the production of medicinal plants. Open-air parks invite you to relax and to recharge.

The seminar area is in interaction with all other areas of the project. The large hall can be opened and converted into a kind of amphitheater. In winter, open-air concerts can be held and the entire hall can be used as a stage, with the seats of the open-air amphitheater being a fixed part of the infrastructure.

There will be a room on the first floor of the farm where smaller groups of up to 10 people can be accommodated. The walls will be completely glazed, making the room very suitable for activities related to agriculture, such as the school on the farm.

The second building Planto, where the shops and naturopathy surgeries will be located, will also have a seminar room with adjoining dormitories for group stays lasting several days. 

This third room will accommodate up to 100 people and the dormitories up to 30 people. It is intended for private groups.



for the region, the community and the individual

  • A professional workspace equipped with the latest technology 

  • Optimisation of team spirit and performance 

  • Winning strategy - for the company as well as for its employees