Herba Bio Suisse – November Promotion

This month, we invite you to discover Herba Bio Suisseand their teas. Blends of plants grown and processed in Switzerland.

Purchase one box of Strength & Recovery Sage Thyme tea - Herba Bio Suisse and a box of Balanced & Harmony Seven herbs tea - Herba Bio Suisse, and you will receive a box of Hemp Flowers - Herba Bio Suisse tea for free. 


Strength & Recovery - Sage Thyme

This blend of teas helps you to breathe deeply. Indeed, it has natural properties to prevent irritation of the respiratory tract. We offer you a unique taste experience thanks to the many herbs it contains.

Ingredients: sage, thyme, fennel, plantain, liquorice, marshmallow, stevia


Balanced & Harmony - Seven Herbs

This composition with its refreshing and balanced properties encourages serenity and harmony. With this tea, plunge into a special state of joy and passion and celebrate balance with friends and family.

Ingredients: apple mint, lemon thyme, orange mint, fennel, lemon balm, monard rose, mauve


Hemp flowers

These special hemp flowers and leaves found in this tea allow you to feel the natural and holistic power. This tea brings a lot of relaxation and calmness, it is good for the body and mind.

Ingredient: Hemp flowers, canker leaves


The herbs are grown, processed, and packed organically in Switzerland.

Only available in Swiss Specialist Shops.

*Promotion valid only at the organic shop in Château-d'Œx from 01.11.20 to 30.11.20 inclusive.