May offer – Lisa's organic chips

In May, we are offering crisp lovers a 10% discount on Lisa Lisa's potato chips in the following assortments: Lisa's organic potato chips, Swiss Alpine herbs, Lisa´s organic potato chips Crystal Natural Salt and Lisa’s organic potato chips with Tomatoes & Herbs.

The special feature of the production process we use is the innovative boiler technology: we use whole potatoes with their skins, which are processed in small batches. That's why Lisa's chips taste extremely fresh and crispy. The aromatic and rustic potato flavour is retained.

Since 2012, "Lisa" chips have been made exclusively with Bioland certified potatoes and organic seasonings. The chips are made in Germany from the best organic potatoes.

*Offer only available at the organic shop in Château-d'Œx from 01.05.21 to 31.05.21 inclusive.