November action - Biofarm Almonds & Hazelnuts

Nuts and almonds are widely used in the usual autumn baked goods! This month we are offering these two products from Biofarm and, in addition, sugar to sweeten the flavour. Take advantage of our 10% discount on the following products:

Organic Ground Almonds - 200g - Biofarm

Ground almonds give an unforgettable taste to your pastries!

Organic Ground Hazelnuts - 200g - Biofarm

Ground hazelnuts are ideal for delicious cakes and pastries.

Golden-Light Organic - 1kg - Biofarm

Biofarm's Golden-Light sugar is produced from organic sugar cane.

The Biofarm cooperative offers consumers high-quality products and has a sustainable impact on organic farming in Switzerland.

*Offer only available at the organic shop in Château-d'Œx from 01.11.21 to 30.11.21 inclusive.