Swiss Chocolatier - February offer

Take advantage of a 10% discount on Swiss Chocolatier products! Available in three flavours: organic chocolate cranberry, organic chocolate ginger stalk, and organic chocolate orange.

Emmentaler Backwaren cranberry with organic chocolate

Cranberries covered with grand cru fair trade chocolate. Tip: the marriage of acidity and sweetness. An incomparable flavour. For snacking or to accompany tea or coffee.

Emmentaler Backwaren ginger stalk with organic chocolate

Ginger sticks coated with fair trade grand cru chocolate. Tip: a delight at any time of the day. The melting grand cru chocolate marries marvelously with fruity and spicy ginger.

Emmentaler Backwaren Oranges with organic chocolate

Oranges coated with Grand Cru fair trade chocolate. Tip: the meeting of organic oranges and grand cru chocolate from fair trade. An unrivalled delight.

Since 1970, Emmentaler Backwaren has been producing selected bakery products, meringues, gingerbread, and confectionery from natural raw materials. The fine specialities are baked with modern means and according to ancient tradition.

*Promotion valid only at the organic shop in Château-d'Œx from 01.02.21 to 28.02.21 inclusive.