Votre Cercle de Vie is nominated for the Green Business Award

We are pleased to announce that our project is nominated for the Green Business Award 2022 🌱🎉

Our innovative model is based on the circular economy concept and connects entrepreneurship and sustainability: a unique example of sustainable business, both ecologically, economically, and socially.

We are building an ecosystem that follows the example of nature, optimises energy and water resources while restoring biodiversity, and produces its food before recycling every waste product.

One of our goals is to reduce our ecological footprint and provide solutions to the various challenges facing our society today. The environment, sustainable agriculture, soft tourism, renewable energy, and health are considered in a holistic approach. In doing so, we want to bring society and agriculture closer together to make customers and the business world aware of the ecological transition and a more life-friendly economy through practical experience.

The Green Business Award recognises innovative companies that combine economic success with ecological impact. For more information, click here: https://greenbusinessaward.ch/en/nominierte/kompetenzzentrum-fuer-eine-nachhaltige-zukunft/