Esther Mottier-Gerber


Esther enjoys helping people to take responsibility for their health and to bring their body and soul into harmony as a spiritual whole. With her training in Feng Shui and in Chinese astrology, Esther closes the circle.

Her knowledge enables people to transform their home into a place full of energy, a place where people can refuel on a daily basis and draw energy from the various stages of their lives.

"Take the time to be happy".

Languages: German / French / English 

Prices: The costs for naturopathic and manual treatments are 140 CHF per hour. 

By arrangement : +41 79 108 09 88

Esther dans le cabinet de naturopathie

Irène Gerber


Fascinated by the diversity of life and global contexts, Irène Gerber works in various fields and pursues her specialized training according to her personal development and her intuitive perception.

Currently in training as an APM therapist according to Radloff

2014-2017  Graduate Rebalancing Therapist

2011-2013  Consultant Feng Shui FSS

2007-2010  Graduate Business Manager HF 

Languages: German / French / English 

Prices: The costs for a rebalancing treatment is 150 CHF (approximately 90 minutes). 

Associations and memberships

Registre de Médecine Empirique RME

RVS (Rebalancer Verband Schweiz)

By arrangement :+41 79 884 58 88

Portrait Irène dans la nature