"La symphonie du terrain" trail

from the 1st August to the end of October

This Summer, between 1st August and the end of October, we are offering you a trip to the top of biodiversity.

An educational exhibition in the open air, where you can explore nature, art, and education. We want to make people aware of these questions that affect us so much and are important for thinking about the preservation of our planet Earth. Everyone can marvel at the beauty of nature and the importance of biodiversity in our ecosystem, as well as the benefits for our health and wellbeing.

We leave from the alpine chalet Pâquier-Mottier and there are several interesting signs with two routes offered. Visitors bring along a touch tablet or a paper brochure.

This first edition also has exhibitions of paintings from the artist Laura Chaplin and a selection of photographs from the monk Matthieu Ricard.

To immerse yourself even more in a world in harmony with the earth, we offer you an organic/ Demeter picnic with zero-waste.  The products offered are from our farm and the region.


1. August 2021 – 31. October 2021
Note that access to the path is free.
Alpage Pâquier Mottier, route de la Torneresse 33, 1660 L'Etivaz