Le Pari d'Esther needs your support!

Le Pari d'Esther is a non-profit documentary directed and produced by Camille Andres, a freelance journalist. This film follows Esther Mottier during a crucial phase of her project – the construction of a sustainable farm.

Through Esther's portrait and her project, the film tells how sustainability is being achieved in practice today, with which convictions and with which difficulties. It also raises the debate on the future of a mountain region like Pays-d'Enhaut.

Started this summer, the shooting needs your help to be able to continue this winter.

Our crowdfunding is in its final phase and we have to reach at least 30,000 francs before October 24th, otherwise, the funds raised so far will be returned to the donors and the film will not see the light of day.

Every donation is precious. We only have a few days left.

Do not hesitate to share massively our support link which exists in: 

THANK YOU so much for your support!

Camille Andres & the film crew