Votre Cerce de Vie is a concept that makes it possible to help people in essential areas of their lives. As health is a key factor in life, it is a recurrent theme in our company, be it the well-being of people, animals, or nature.  



Customers often have questions regarding suitable dates for a wedding, for business events, or for career changes. A professional astrological analysis can help to determine when energies are most appropriate for a certain event.

In ancient cultures, the search for the right moment was much more important than it is today. In recent years, people have begun to become more aware of the relationship between the quality of the moment and human interactions again. It is amazing to observe how people are paying more and more attention to the natural rhythms of life, such as the lunar cycle and the signs of the Zodiac, and how they use that knowledge on a regular basis. This often with remarkable results.

The use of the five elements applied in both Feng Shui and Chinese astrology enables us to see analogies between humanity and nature. Human beings are not just isolated individuals, they are part of nature.

This awareness gives people a feeling of security and promotes a respectful relationship with themselves and with Mother Earth. Only those who are really grounded possess enough courage to fly.



Auriculotherapy is a special form of acupuncture that is practiced on the ears.

In case of a disease or a functional disorder of a body part or organ, a change in skin resistance can be measured by means of the reflex circuit in the corresponding area of the auricle. Therapists use this relationship to make an "auriculo diagnosis": using a special device, they scan the auricle for areas that show a change in skin resistance. Afterwards, diseased organs or body parts can be treated by placing needles in these areas.



Biodynamic psychology is a body therapy based on the neo-rich approach (Wilhelm Reich). Following the hypothesis that people represent unity in their physical, mental and spiritual expression, it enables them to come into contact with all their original splendor and vitality.

An imbalance between body, mind, and soul leads to discrepancies that have physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. They manifest themselves as a change in tension in the tissue layers. The aim of the biodynamic therapy is to release the patient's physical and mental blockade by means of different body treatments and accompanying discussions. The treatment of body tension aims to bring the tissue back in homeostasis. This enables the patient to become more aware of the energy flow released in his body and to regain his original integrity more consciously. 



Poultice treatments are a type of hydrotherapy that consists of wrapping up certain parts of the body.

Compresses affect the heat regulation of the body, the nervous system, blood circulation, metabolism, skin activity, and the excretion of pathogens. They are applied locally. A tissue is first soaked in water and afterwards wrung out strongly or gently, depending on the therapeutic goal. Then the damp tissue is wrapped around the body parts to be treated.



Dietetics is a concept of naturopathy and includes all measures that contribute to the maintenance or promotion of health by regulating one's lifestyle.

A change in the diet of healthy people is primarily aimed at the maintenance of health. For people suffering from chronic diseases, a healthy diet can be helpful to activate the body’s self-healing powers.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the perfect complement to a naturopathic treatment.

Feng Shui can create a positive environment that promotes the recovery of the patient as well as the maintenance of health.

This method can also be applied to apartments, houses and public buildings.



The Bach Flower therapy primarily uses flower essences to prevent and treat complaints. Special emphasis is placed on the patient’s emotional state.

Edward Bach assumed that an unbalanced state of mind is the reason for all diseases. In his opinion, every illness is caused by a negative emotional state. Treating emotional problems are thus the main focus of Bach Flower therapy. 



Homeopathy is an independent medical system. The treatment consists of special homeopathic remedies, which are administered according to the so-called principle of similarity.

Homeopaths believe that the symptoms of a patient's illness are due to an imbalance in "vitality". In order to cure it, the cause of the illness has to be treated and not only the symptom that is perceivable from the outside. Homeopathy should help to activate the body’s self-healing powers and get the vital force back into balance.

The aim of homeopathic treatments is to find a remedy whose effect matches the patient's symptoms and thus stimulates the body to targeted healing reactions.



This method of well-being, which has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years, is similar to the aromatherapy and the massage. The compresses are soaked in a mixture of selected medicinal plants. Heated with steam, they unfold their scents and their active substances. This treatment guarantees an immediate, calming and relaxing effect. It relieves tension as well as certain back and stomach aches.

The bundle massage effects:

  • detoxification of the tissue

  • relaxation of muscles and joints

  • warming of the body and stimulation of the internal organs

  • physical and mental relaxation

  • improved blood and lymph circulation

  • energy flow



Naturopathy is based on the idea that, under normal circumstances, the human body itself has sufficient therapeutic powers to maintain its health and, if necessary, to heal itself.

Treatments with natural methods do not focus on isolated symptoms of the disease. They aim to stimulate and support the self-healing powers of the body through natural channels.  



Nutrition therapy focuses on a balanced diet and the use of adapted food supplements and micronutrients.

The basics of a healthy diet are the same for everyone, however, it is important to adapt it to each individual person. Therapists give nutritional advice and prescribe appropriate food supplements (vitamins, amino acids, etc.).



Phytotherapy or herbal medicine is a kind of therapy where plants and their active ingredients only are used for the treatment of diseases.

Phytotherapy uses individual active ingredients as well as entire plants and their individual parts, such as the leaves, roots, petals, seeds, or the bark. The main active substance determines the medical field of application but the overall effect is based on an interaction between the individual ingredients.



Rebalancing is a holistic and integrative body therapy based on massages.

Attentive contact targeted manual work on the connective tissue of the fascia, joint relaxation, breathing and perception exercises, as well as conversation, activate the client’s self-regulating powers and support a reorientation on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional.

The deep structural treatment of the fascia relieves tensions and knotting in the connective tissue and creates space for more flexibility.

Tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints can thus be replaced to their original position and the body can more easily realign and straighten up. Pain can be positively influenced, the range of movement is increased, movements become more flexible and body perception is refined. A new outer and inner posture can be created.



According to Schuessler's biochemistry, diseases are an indication of a lack of mineral salts. The administration of mineral salts, diluted according to the homeopathic method, is supposed to eliminate this deficiency by promoting the absorption of the necessary substances in the cells.



The Kneipp therapy is a holistic approach primarily based on the external application of water but also on the acquisition of a balanced diet, the effects of medicinal plants, physical activity and a harmonious life (balanced lifestyle).

The Kneipp therapy is based on five elements or five pillars: Water, food, plants, movement, and a balanced lifestyle (mind-body balance). An essential component of Kneipp therapy is the influence of external stimuli, i.e. warm or cold water, on the body's heat regulation. In order to maintain a constant temperature, the body has to react instinctively to these thermal stimuli. It does this, for example, by changing the blood circulation, heart rate, or breathing, which in turn has a major influence on the autonomic nervous system and can even affect internal organs and other parts of the body. Furthermore, the use of water helps to cleanse the skin and strengthen the immune system.


Source : rme.ch