December 20, 2020

live streaming

From December 20 at 8 p.m. to December 21 at 8 a.m. CET , the pictures of the children's creations will be displayed at the event and all over the world!

The children's creations, along with musicians, will appear on the screen, revealing their positive vision of the world. In this particularly challenging time, we would like to join strengths with organisations and individuals who work towards a life in harmony and let ourselves be inspired by children’s messages from here and abroad.

This live stream event will be available for free. Each person can contribute to the event according to the principle of free and conscious participation. In other words, the fee paid in exchange for watching the event is defined by the spectator.  Supporting the Wonder Live event will help to turn the children's messages into reality, through Votre Cercle de Vie's project . The Future is now!

Dear friends and children of this world

I am filled with joy and gratitude to be able to announce the Wonder Live stream. A message to honor love, peace, and joy. This is the wish to share a message of hope for all of us in this so complex, yet so precious world in which we live nowadays.

In the last 4 weeks, more than 1000 children, from all over the world, have created and imagined these important messages of finding beauty and magic in our world. It is crucial to remember all these precious elements that surround us.

In challenging times, it is so important to remember the power of love and union.

To bring our consciousness towards potential and joy, to find the strength to meet the current challenges in this world. We must keep our hearts full of confidence to ensure a future filled with peace and harmony for our children.

We are all different people with different backgrounds, needs, and priorities. At the same time, we are all a part of this world that is full of magic and beauty. It is up to us to choose whether we value the difference, and try to fight it, or whether we value our many similarities. We have this potential thanks to the symbiosis that can be created by joining forces.

Wonder Live is a message of union conveyed by children from different continents, cultures, and religions. They are filled with respect and love for our earth. Thank you very much for all your shared messages of joy and love.

Wonder Live is also about the many messages shared by musical artists and people committed to this world, to our land and its inhabitants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

During the next 12 hours, you will discover images full of love, joy, and creativity through drawings, creations, songs, concerts, and presentations from organisations that share these values. Those of joining forces through the potential that exists in our world.

For me, you are all sources of inspiration and hope that reminds us that today the most important thing is the common points and strengths of love serving our planet.

I wish you a lot of fun through these messages throughout the 12 hours of Wonder Live. Take care of yourself and provide moments of joy and love to the people around you.

Let us learn together to focus more and more on the positive elements that surround us and remember that it is the union that makes the strength, each one with his or her qualities and weaknesses of the heart. Let us respect each other as we are. Support each other, each one of us with our possibilities, and with a smile, even if it is only through our eyes, it is a gesture of mutual help and love. I believe that together we are able to overcome every challenge and create together a world of compassion, love, and humanity.

I love You



00:00:00 - Intro: Esther Mottier – Votre Cercle de Vie
00:04:34 - Armita Nikdin
00:14:55 - Maryne
00:38:42 - Votre Cercle de Vie
00:40:30 - Christophe Erard
01:42:13 - Nicolas Vaudroz
01:44:07 - Juan José Peña Aguirre
01:54:08 - Orchestre champêtre famille Henchoz
02:14:33 - Chinderhuus ir Hulle
02:15:23 - Saanen Gitzi
02:51:04 - Armita Nikdin
03:12:52 - Association TZAMA
03:13:42 - Miles Meyer
03:56:07 - Gu’Band - Jeff Widmer
04:35:30 - Sainte-Aube
04:12:26 - Daphne Tayo and Helge van Dyk
05:29:57 - Ramana’s Garden
05:31:14 - Les Tambours de La Montagnarde
05:38:37 - Corinne Page and Boris Fringeli
06:12:41 - Sheep in a Box
06:52:43 - OneAction
06:54:58 - Daphne Tayo
07:35:02 - Tournesol
07:44:51 - Elynn The Green
08:30:04 - SACHA and Cesar Correa
09:29:22 - Pat Burgener
09:54:24 - Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Helge van Dyk
10:16:43 - Alphorntrio Saanenland
10:33:00 - The 20 groups 1 song
11:52:11 - End : Nicolas Mottier, Esther Mottier, Laurent and Alissia – Votre Cercle de Vie

Africa Amini Alama supports the education of more then 1500 kids from very poor families.
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El Colegio Paulo Freire de San Pedro de la costa, en la comuna de San Pedro de la Paz es un establecimiento educacional de dependencia particular subvencionada, que con 13 años al servicio de la educación.
7sky. life is a platform that works for a positive evolution of our World.
La Gnosis es la Ciencia y cultura del hombre hacia la busqueda de Dios. "Hombre conocete a ti mismo y conoceras el Universo y a los Dioses".
La Gnosis es un conocimiento universal que persigue la transformación radical del ser humano, su fundamento es el CONOCIMIENTO de todo cuanto existe.
Happy Children’s mission is to change lives. Lives of needy children without a chance for a good future.
INEPE, Institute for Research, Education and Promotion of Ecuador, is a non-profit community-based organization.
Zwecke des Vereins sind die Förderung der praktischen Landwirtschaft, der allgemeinen Informationsvermittlung und des Umwelt- und Naturschutzes.
Joyful, Safe, Challenging and Caring educational environment where the Focus is on an excellent, balanced programme of learning. Boarding and Day School.
Fondée en 2000 par Matthieu Ricard, Karuna-Shechen met en oeuvre des projets humanitaires pour les populations défavorisées d'Inde, du Népal et du Tibet.
Maison Chance is the springboard for the very poor, physically handicapped people, orphans, and street children in Vietnam.
Seeing one's potential for sustainable change, OneAction aims to encourage the transition from intention to action, accompanying individuals and communities on various empowerment projects.
Ramana's Garden is a children's refuge, home, school and organic café situated in the beautiful North Indian city of Rishikesh.
Samarpan Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit entity, established in September 2006 in New Delhi, India, now also operating in the USA, South Africa and Malawi.
"Source of Wonder" is a global online event, founded by Masami Saionji
Tzama Grow Together est une association à but non lucratif. Notre nouvelle école alternative privée hors contrat trilingue où l’on cultive la bienveillance et la coopération .
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Le Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut est un parc d'importance nationale situé en Suisse appartenant à la famille du Réseau des Parcs suisses.

Children, let’s create!

What's your positive vision of the world?

We would like to give children a voice to show us the potential of our planet through their own creations. At the end of this year 2020, we would like to highlight the positive resources that exist all around the world, spreading messages of love, peace, and hope, for now, and for tomorrow.