The Ducks

Pomeranian duck and Indian Runner duck

The Pomeranian duck lays up to 100 eggs per year if conditions are favourable. They are fond of snails and spend their time looking for them. Even when they are older, the ducks still perform well, and sometimes they even raise a brood in summer. The duck weighs around 2.5 kg and the adult duck around 3 kg. Despite their size, they do not look heavy.

Ducklings are very weather-resistant and ready for slaughter at the age of ten to twelve weeks. Connoisseurs consider their flesh to be delicate.

Each year, the Indian Runner duck lays around 150 eggs weighing around 70 g, which is a remarkable performance. This duck is reputed to feed on animal proteins and therefore on slugs, which they particularly appreciate.

Deux canards posent pour la photo

Laurent Mottier

When we call the ducks, they always come. They eat the slugs in the garden!